Preservation of the environment

COVI is committed every day to the health of consumers through its many branded developments and to its clients.
The philosophy we pursue is one of continuous improvement of our recipes.

Our development policy is based on several points:

  • The elimination of ingredients containing nanoparticles
  • The use of a minimum of preservatives thanks to the sterilization of our products
  • The guarantee of an optimal nutritional profile (sugar, salt, fat content,...)
  • The maximum use of spices and natural products to limit the use of flavoring
  • Non-GMO commitment
  • Banning the use of palm oil
  • Limitation to the elimination of additives in a certain number of our recipes

Preservation of the environment

The climate issue is of paramount importance to COVI. Climate change is a major threat to our core business. The group has developed a purchasing and sustainable development charter in order to reduce its impact as much as possible.

Secure, maintain and develop our sustainable supply chains in conjunction with our suppliers by favoring long-term partnerships with our suppliers.

More responsible procurement.

Thanks to its purchasing team, the company has developed partnerships with farmers’ cooperatives in order to make local purchases.

  • Today, more than 80% of our suppliers are located in France.
  • 100% of the fish used in our products is MSC or ASC certified
  • Meat is also mainly purchased in France and in Europe with a 100% French objective for our branded products.

Use recyclable primary packaging.

The packaging used for our products is 100% recyclable. COVI is committed to promoting the use of cans, which have received bad press for too long.

Since 2021, COVI has launched studies in partnership with its suppliers:

  • To integrate recyclable materials in the design of microwavable bags
  • To integrate recyclable materials in the design of microwavable bags

Optimize the packaging of our raw materials to reduce our waste.

  • Adapting the packaging of raw materials purchased (e.g. eliminating cardboard over-packaging).
  • Optimizing pallet logistics to transport as little empty space as possible by working on new palletization standards (by stacking two pallets).

Packaging that reconciles product protection and environmental impact

Since 2021, 100% of secondary packaging (cardboard, wrap and labels) are FSC-labeled, guaranteeing that the wood used complies with sustainable forest management requirements.

COVI is fully committed to quality and traceability. COVI is fully committed to quality and traceability. They are also tested by our quality experts, backed up by examinations carried out by external and independent laboratories specializing in food safety.

Rigorous processes and an efficient system allow us to supervise our products from the moment the raw materials enter our factory until they are delivered to your points of sale.