boîte de conserve

Tin Can

Ecological packaging and allowing a great preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the ingredients, the can is elaborated in all its forms.

  • Shape box: trapezoid 200g – 340g and rectangular 200g – 340g
  • Cylindrical box: 1/2, 4/4, 3/2, 1/10…
  • Big box: 1.8kg – 2.6kg

Doypack bag

Snacking and nomadism, the doypack is the ideal solution to new consumer trends. A meal solution in its own right, COVI offers it in different formats:

  • Standard format (200-300g)

Microwavable container

COVI offers them in different formats in order to propose a multitude of recipes:

  • 280-320g single and bi-compartment container

Glass & Jar

Perfect for traditional or creative recipes, our glass and jar solutions ensure a high-quality premium presentation. COVI offers them in different formats:

  • Glass: 180g, 90g…
  • Jar (up to 700g)