Our ready-made dishes

● French and traditional recipes (tripier products, beef bourguignon, veal blanquette, chicken basquaise, shepherd’s pie…)
● Exotic recipes (chili con carne, sausage rougail, paella, tabbouleh, curry…)
● Italian recipes (lasagna, pasta…)
● Veggie recipes (cereals, vegetables, pulses, starches…)
● Sauces

And even more possibilities with a wide range of containers (cans, doypack bags, microwaveable containers) and for different diets (conventional and organic).

Our packaging

Our canned meat

COVI, a specialist in the manufacture of canned meat.

● Beef: corned beef, pâté, beef au jus…
● Poultry: chicken filet, luncheon meat…
● Pork: ham, shoulder, luncheon meat…
● Mutton: corned mutton…
● Beef juice extract 100% origin EU

According to your needs, we adapt these recipes in a wide range of packaging: small or large box, round box, rectangle, and shaped box. It’s up to you to choose among all the possibilities.

Our pâtés and terrines

If game is another historical know-how of the company, we also work with pork, poultry and veggie recipes. Meat that we combine with various ingredients for tasty recipes: fruits and vegetables (grapes, cranberries, figs, mushrooms…), alcohols (Cognac, Fine Champagne…) and herbs (pepper, mustard…).

● Game: wild boar, stag, roe deer, rabbit, duck…
● Tradition: country terrine, poultry liver, rillettes…
● Festive: foie gras, block and medallion
● Veggie: vegetable mousse etc…

Our specific competenceson the organic, vegetarian, halal & kosher and gluten free

To take you even further in your projects, we also offer you our know-how on specific diets: organic, vegetarian, halal and kosher. Our teams and processes are well experienced in these markets and can advise you on the creation of recipes. We are attentive to your needs to meet all your expectations.

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